Household Hazardous Waste

Long Beach area
Call the county  at 360-642-9382 for Times and Dates
May – September

1st & 3rd Fridays 9:00-noon

Long Beach County Shop, 318 N 2nd Street

South Bend area
Call 360/875-9356 for locations and dates of the Hazo Waste Wagon.

What to bring

  1. Paints, thinners, gasoline, and kerosene
  2. Auto and boat maintenance products
  3. Pesticides
  4. Glues and adhesives
  5. Solvents and cleaning supplies
  6. Pool and hobby chemicals
Unaccepted materials

  1. Ammunition
  2. Explosives
  3. Radioactive Materials
  4. Empty containers
  5. Waste in containers larger than 5 gallons
  6. Latex paint