Service Policies

We would like to remind you that you need to have your tote out at the road by 6:00 a.m. on pick up day. The tote needs to be placed within two feet of the existing road with the opening of the lid facing the road. Please make sure it is at least five feet from any trees, cars, fences or other totes.

There is a serial number on the front of each container that is assigned to each customer.

Monthly pickup customers whose last name starts with the letters A-K are picked up on the first week of the month, customers whose last name starts with the letters L-Z are picked up on the second week of the month.

Our policies are listed on the back of each bill.

County and city ordinances require all garbage to be bagged.

We are a regulated utility under the control of the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission. The commission sets our rates and policies that we operate our business under. In our office we have available a copy of the smart Consumer Guide for Residential Garbage and Recycling. We also have information available for recycling and the household hazardous waste facility.

If you have any questions concerning your sanitation or recycling, please call our office at 360-642-2541. We appreciate the opportunity to provide service to you.