A Letter to All our Valued Customers

This is an informational letter to inform you of the various types of service we have available to you.  We are a regulated utility under the control of the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission.  The commission sets our rates and policies that we operate our business under.

Our residential customers may have once a month service or once a week service.  We provide you with either a 60 gallon or a 90 gallon tote.  The 90 gallon tote is not available for once a month service.

Our different types of service available for our commercial customers are 60 gallon totes picked up either once a month or once a week.  We also have 90 gallon totes for weekly pickup.  Our 300 gallon commercial container is available for either weekly service or every other week service.

We also have twenty and thirty yard drop off boxes.  These are available for construction,  remodeling jobs, or demolition.  They can also be used for any general clean up  job.  Our 300 gallon containers are also available for disposal of household waste for short term use.

If you have appliances, wood or other material you need to have hauled off, we are available to do this also.

You may also pay your bill by credit card, Visa or Mastercard over the phone,  in person, or online.  You can set this up for a one time payment or  have it automatically taken off of your credit or debit card when your bill is  processesed.

We also want to remind our customers that we do not work on Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Day.  If your garbage pickup falls on one of those days, we usually pick up the following day, if not you will be notified otherwise.

Totes need to be out by 6:30 am on the pickup day.  Your tote needs to be placed within 2 feet of the existing road with the opening of the lid facing the road.  Be sure it is not close to mailboxes, trees, cars or fences.

We have available, in our office, a copy of the Smart Consumer Guide to Residential Garbage and Recycling.  We also have copies of recycling information and information about the household hazardous waste facility.  Our policies are also on the back of your bill.